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Opportunities for education in leading state and private high schools and universities in Turkey.


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Our website aims to provide a roadmap for the services related to middle, high schools, universities, and evening courses in Turkey, including the procedures and necessary documents.

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We are an organization established to provide solutions to the educational needs of foreign students of all ages who want to study in Turkey and to manage all the processes and transactions in the legal procedures, with our 15 years of knowledge and experience.

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Türk Bayrağı

In Turkey, there are students of all ages from many different countries. Due to the young population, there are plenty of educational opportunities available.

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As a matter of state policy, international student mobility is supported and the people are hospitable towards students.

Although the reasons for foreign students being in the country vary, many students come to Turkey as a preparatory step before pursuing education in European countries. Children who experience living with students from different countries form new friendships and enjoy the advantage of becoming global citizens at an early age.

Furthermore, those who want to receive education in a modern country that lives in peace, far from the war conditions in their own countries, choose Turkey. The country's affordability for students provides them with ample opportunities to benefit from social and cultural activities during their years of education.

Explore Turkey

Due to its large size and diverse demographics, the advantages offered by all cities in Turkey will be different.


Therefore, if you have decided to study in Turkey, you should first identify your needs well.

Important factors to consider include the programs offered by the universities in the city you will be going to, the accommodation options, the location of the school, social opportunities, and the age range of the students.

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